Friday, November 30, 2007

a happy friday!!

my big brother is coming to visit me today! hooray! he gets in late - at 11pm - so i am going to have all evening to walk around my house picking up invisible lint & nervously straightening pictures! i am terribly impatient at the best of times....

i want to give out a big shoutout to annie (the friend formerly known as "joey") who spent her morning with me yesterday doing the kind of cleaning i usually avoid... thanks so much! even the corner behind the dining room door is dust-bunny free! i couldn't (wouldn't?) have done it without her! :)

i will see some of you guys tomorrow night .... you know who you are .... come ready to par-tay! nd here, for your amusement, are some examples of "lost in translation"! happy friday!


Sarah said...

Your assignments for the day:
1) watch the movie Pay it Forward
2) Take the only natural next step and come do all of MY cleaning that I avoid

(I only do this to save you from the torment of the impatient hours between now and the big arrival. I am beneficent to the core.)

rachel said...


Annie said...


I hope you are spending your day in fun anticipation :0)

P.S. I found the Argentinian wine! Hooray!