Wednesday, November 21, 2007

things i am thankful for

in the grand thanksgiving tradition....

  1. My husband, Curtis. He is my fortress in a storm.
  2. The Girls. There are just not enough words for what they mean to me.
  3. Mark. My big brother. Enough said.
  4. Jordan. The most open hearted, non-judgemental person in my life. I truly believe that I could murder someone in cold blood and he would just ask me how he could help dispose of the body.
  5. My friends - you know who you are - who support me unflinchingly, laugh with me (& at me!), encourage me, walk/lunch/coffee with me, and without whom my life would be a lonely wasteland.
  6. My body. Sure, it's not flawless, but it's healthy & strong.
  7. The internet. This thing (that I don't really understand) has put me in touch with old friends, keeps me in touch with new ones, and makes talking to my peeps easy peasy!
  8. My birthday phone. It's just too fun!

What are you thankful for?


Sarah said...

I scoured this for something to leave a smartass comment about, but it is just too tight. I AM disappointed to see that chocolate didnt make the top 8 (not really sure what it should have bumped, but still....)

jd said...

Sarah... you are mistaken. Chocolate did indeed make the list... her cherry chocolate birthday phone, that is!

Happy Turkey Day, Rachel! (and your family and your blog readers...)

Annie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Marilyn said...

I notice I didn't make the list ... but I know that you did remember that you've been in my birth canal and that you screamed for four months after you were born, and that when you were fourteen you thought I was an ass. I know you feel deeply sorry about all this and know that I have given my whole life for you and your children and that will continue til I I know that you MEANT to include me. SIGH

Pam said...

Just a comment addressing #3...
One of my favorite quotes with my VA girlfriends is

"A good friend is the one you can call at 3 am and she will bail you out of jail. A great friend is the one sitting beside you saying, boy that was fun!"

I'm not sure who wrote it but I won't take the credit. It sounds from your description of Jordan that he/she is a "great" friend.

May we all be so blessed to have such a friend(s) in our lives.