Sunday, November 25, 2007

the voices inside my head

it's a little nerve wracking trying to see your life through someone else's eyes...especially someone who "counts", whose opinion will matter to you in the long run. imagine, for instance, the first time you have your mother-in-law over for dinner to your apartment. the insecurities are endless! is it well dusted? vacuumed? the place is so small! are you wearing too much eyeliner? is your outfit ok? what if she doesn't like that you painted your nails? what if she thinks your food is bland and overcooked? what if you spill something? when it's just you in your head, your little place is cute and well loved, and you look great in those jeans...but when someone else is in your head it can be a whole different story!

my life is going to be seen through someone else's eyes this week, someone who "counts"... and i am nervous! more nervous than i thought i'd be! i hung a new mirror, decluttered my countertops (tried, anyways), put out a few christmas decorations, and have extensive guestroom cleaning plans. but will it be enough? suddenly all these new questions pop up! what does my home say about me? what if The Girls rooms are a mess? (which inevitably they will be) what if ... what if ... what if ... jeepers!

i suppose "que sera sera"... but it's hard!


Sarah said...

Actually, it's "que syrah syrah"--which loosely translated, means, "Given sufficient wine, no one will care!"

rachel said...


liz said...

You are wonderful, things will be wonderful and I am praying for you! A little mess is the spice of life :-) shows that real people live in a place :-)

Marilyn said...

Ultimately, Rae, you can't hide yourself - even with clean countertops. So relax ... you are more than beautiful and your life counts high.

Anonymous said...

How can I not comment on this?

Your blog has given me a number of suggestions for items to bring:
1) White gloves for dust inspections
2) Measuring tapes (real AND figurative)
3) Map of local restaurants
4) Digital camera with macro lens (for close-ups) and lots of extra storage cards
5) Radon test kit
6) Map of local hotels
7) A gift subscription to Better Homes and Gardens...

Relax LS, houses are like wrapping paper - we all appreciate when they are pretty and neatly folded with an elegant bow on top, but all that really matters is what's inside.J