Tuesday, February 17, 2009

did i mention?

my middle brother, ben, and his wife kari, and their two kids, blaise & flora, moved to indonesia last week. yes, you read that right, indonesia. ben, a phD theologian, is going to teach national pastors at a seminary, once he gets the language down! :) some of my faithful readers know ben, (or knew ben?), and if you want to pray for them, or read about their life, i've added them to my bloglist (right), "the elliotts". the prayers of strangers are welcome, too, i'm sure!

i've not talked a lot about ben & his family here... we've never even lived in the same country as adults, i think! he lived in the US when we lived in canada, and then in scotland while we lived in the US... ships in the night. truth be told, i've done a terrible job of keeping in touch - it's the trap we fall into with family sometimes, isn't it? "well, they're my family, and they'll always be there, so i'll talk to them tomorrow." tragic.

so here's a wee bit about ben & his clan. he's brilliant - truly - and he's an excellent teacher. he can explain complex things so simply! he's crazy, and i mean head over heels crazy, about his wife and kids... it's disarming to see how much he loves them! kari, my sister in law, is fantastic. she's a runner, the kind who wins marathons, and is funny and warm and kind. i love her! their kids are adorable, and blaise is so smart... he's articulate, and makes my girls laugh! we started webcamming with them, and my girls talk about blaise for hours after we hang up!

so, ben and kari, here's to you and yours! i love you!


Cynthia said...

That is so cool! Yay, Ben!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! what a good man. I thought man were clueless.