Tuesday, February 03, 2009

six words

have you heard of this book, 'six word memoirs'? famous and not so famous writers writing their memoirs in 6 words or less. for instance:

"almost a victim of my family" - chuck sangster

"a psychic said i'd be richer" - elizabeth bernstein

"painful nerd kid, happy nerd adult" - linda williamson

so i've been thinking about this. what 6 words would i write as my memoirs? here is what i came up with... having trouble with just one, but i narrowed it down to 4:

i'm really not that high maintenance.

God flung open all my doors.

my people, my cat, my books.

a little eyeliner never hurt anyone.

please write your 6 word memoir(s) in the comments section! :)


Anonymous said...

rachel how do u do six word memoirs? Idk how, but it sounds like fun.

Joey Carters gurl

I'm might not be on tonight cause we have a basketball game.

rachel said...

just write you life in 6 words... you can do it! ... and you are *way* more than just joey carter's girl!

Krissi said...

"Peace and tension are not paradoxical."

"God is like the ocean: untamable."

"Asbury Seminary is no ordinary place."

Shawna said...

Broken glass + God = Stained Glass Window

Cynthia said...

"My life is quiet and sweet."

It was one of the first things Kim wrote to me when we rekindled our friendship a year and a half ago. I loved it so much that I adopted it as my own.

Curtis Mulder said...

overwhelmed and anxious needing more sleep

falling forward in hopes of something

Anonymous said...

well to me I am daddy's little gurl, Joey's and Gods.

JC gurl

Annie said...

I too cannot pick just one:

God is there every single time.

Stubborn little girl. Determined, strong woman.

Independent rebel becomes fully devoted to God. (I like that one the best) :0)

Annie said...

even if it is 7 words :-P

Angela said...

Here are a few:

I'm Chinese, not neccesarily a

Teaching kids is like touching light.

My daughter is the best thing.

Patience is the art of hoping. (My new life mantra!)

rachel said...

ooo - angela - i like that last one! very profound!!