Sunday, February 08, 2009

a rare sunday morning post

good morning, faithful reader!

today, in the land of rachel, it will be 70F. mayia is coming to church with us again - to kyra's great delight - and then the afternoon will be flip flops & backyards... i may even through in a popsicle for everyone. this is what sundays ought to be... friendship & worship & laughing & popsicles, all to the glory of God.

i hope your sunday has some glory in it, too.


Light said...

wow what a perfect Sunday....hopefully this will all last til the real spring hits!

Anonymous said...

That really sounds like fun. Lydia comes over pretty much every Sunday and we laugh so much and don't even know what were laughing at sometimes. Lydia's birthday is next wednesday the 19 of feb.! than that saturday there's a christian concert with Tobymac, Brandon Heath and so much more! I can't wait!