Thursday, February 12, 2009


hahhhhlaaaaaaa silvia!

i have started a new page in my life, working with the middle school students at my church, of whom silvia (or should i say 'sporty'?) is one... along with her sister diana and 6 or 7 other fantastic girls. i co-lead a small group of 8th grade girls, and i love it! honestly, i didn't expect to love it so much, but i do... i remember being in 8th grade... barely! :) and i like the girls a lot... though the could pay more attention in group!! :) ha! :)

love you, girls! see you next weekend!


Light said...

Aww...the first time I read that I thought it was saliva! Since that didn't make sense...I reread it and that sounds awesome! I remember being in eighth grade and those youth group years being great because of the adults who ran it. I hope you are making it just as great for those girls!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!!! hey I miss u soooo much! Light... It is Diana, Silvia's sister I'm her twin.
I love being in the 8th grade it's just that I'm a little nervous about high school. Rachel u r such a good friend and I hope u come to camp with us. It will be sooo much fun and I know u will enjoy it. Plus Joey's coming so you will be able to get to know him better!

Anonymous said...

Rachel when u said we could pay attention better maybe ur right it's just u know were at church and that's pretty much the only time I get to see Joey but u know were having bible time and I'll try and pay attention better. Hope to see u soon!

JC gurl