Sunday, February 01, 2009


i went in to peek on the girls last night, and found mayia had dragged her sleeping bag up onto kyra's bed... kyra was hung precariously off the edge, and mayia was mashed up against the wall on the other side... i loved it. and i was immediately thrown back to my tween/teen years.

i've been thinking about them a lot lately, and talking about them too, as kyra asks if i've shared her experiences. i can't think about those years of my life without thinking about cynthia (see photo in my last post). except for my mildy rebellious year in 10th grade, we were insperable. she made my life worth living most days! :)

i remember meeting her in mrs. martin's 8th grade homeroom, and i just knew we would be friends. we got caught cheating together - our teacher laughed at our poor attempts at sublety! - sat on her couch for endless hours watching soaps after school, checked out boys together, smoked a pack of cigarettes (or tried to!) together, drove to youth together, went to events together, shared every secret a girl could have, kept toothbrushes at each other's houses just in case we'd get the chance to sleep over, went on group dates (remember dressing up to go bowling?!) and laughed and laughed and laughed!

we have recently rediscovered each other - thank you, world wide web! - and it is particularily poignet to me to be recovering our friendship at this time in my life, when my daughter is developing a friendship that may just span 20 years (TWENTY YEARS, CYN!) and 3500 miles... so this is a tribute to you, cynthia. the truest friend i ever had. over all these many miles and years, you are still in a magnet on my fridge, and even better, still very much in my heart.


Cynthia said...

Way to make me cry! I love you too, chicky-poo, and those years we spent in each others presence were magnificent. Ones I will never forget... *sniff*. I think if Kyra can forge a bond like that with just one girlfriend, they will be a force to be recond with. Looks like she's well on her way.... Just hope she doesn't have a friend who introduces her to the joy of skipping class and going to the mall instead.... hehehe!

rachel said...

in your defense, i always had to work hard to convince you to skip - you were never as eager as i was! :)

Anonymous said...

hey i know kyra... ur daughter is really nice. just fyi, we go to the same church! u know who i am i just put myself as anonymous.


Anonymous said...

I have never skipped class before but i do have friends who tempt me to skip class but i have never done it before cause i want to get a good college degree and go to Duke Medical Center. That's a really good college. i had a friend in the 4th grade and she left but I will always have her in my heart.

JC gurl

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