Monday, February 23, 2009

top o' the lent to you!

i am starting today... 3 full days early. cause monday seems like a good day to start things, you know? of course, i am talking about lent... which starts "officially" wednesday night, with ash wednesday. lent, as i've mentioned before, is simply the reordering of your life in some small way to direct your heart and mind consciously toward God. i haven't always kept lent, but for the last 7 or so years, i've found it to be a very significant experience.

all this to say that in order to create more space in my life to hear God & to spend time with him, i am giving up the internet for lent.... with the exception of my email. so no blogging, no facebooking, no surfing, no lolcats... nada! it's going to be tricky, i suspect, and it will feel weird ... but i know that my laptop lures me away from the real stuff of life, including, but not limited to, my time with God.

so this is my last post til easter... then we'll have a blog "resurrection"! (am i going to get hit by lightening for that?) so don't take me off your blogroll, cause i'll be back, i swear, and i'll need lots of reaffirming "welcome back" comments when i do! :)

so, feel free to shoot me an email, but i won't be having comment conversations! :) peace out!


Cynthia said...

Well, you've made this pretty easy for me, Rae. For lent I've decided to give up reading your blog...Hahahaha! No really, this gives me pause for thought that I should really think of something big to give up too. Hmmm, what shall it be....

Shawna said...

Haha Cynthia good one! Rachel, May our Resurected King Bless you as you sacrifice a peice of your life for Him. May he wash over you with His Grace and Mercy and Love, and thank you Lord that you will be faithful to meet Rachel as she carves out more time just for You! In Jesus Name Amen

Light said...

You know, sometimes I wish I could give up the internet just that easily, but well, I'm not. You definitely made me think about it though! I know you are on your internet break, but I do look forward to your "resurrection" of your blog.

I wish you the best of times during Lent and I hope our Lord blesses you beyond belief!

PS-I think I would be a slipper.