Monday, May 02, 2011

1000 hours

according to the "powers that be", and vaguely scientific things like "surveys", it takes a thousand hours in a space before it feels like yours. this is probably why kitchens feel homey, and tv rooms win out over living rooms - and why being in this house, full of all my things, feels so weird.

not that i'm not happy with our choice of home - i definitely am! not that i wish we hadn't moved from durham - it was overdue. and not that my things look out of place or odd - they actually look quite lovely! but i'm not even close to a thousand hours in this house... and we haven't really made any memories here yet... and i'm on the adrenaline let down from the stress of moving... so it's ours, but it doesn't feel like ours. even holly & satchmo wander around looking out of place. poor kitties.

but every day logs another set of hours, early mornings and dinner hours, to put ourselves into our house, until our house becomes our home. 72(ish) hours down... 928(ish) more to go...

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