Saturday, May 07, 2011


i have been a mother now for 13.5 years (yikes!) ... and if i've learned anything in that time, i've learned that just when you think you've got your kids figured out, they change. and it's one of my favorite things about motherhood.

i love watching who The Girls are becoming unfolding right before my eyes. i love seeing their personhood develop, their minds expand & their intellect grow. i laughed today to open kyra's door and find her asleep in half in/half out of her closet on the floor because her bed was covered in the detritus of a 13 year old girl. i secretly love how meg is hanging on to her love of american girl dolls & imagining them alive. when kyra sits and read to meg it melts my heart, and when meg does kyra hair all up in braids so it will be curly the next morning i feel a great contentment come over me.

yep. i hate it when they bicker. true, meg can really push my buttons and kyra is passive aggressive. yes, motherhood is relentless and no one can make me crazy the way The Girls can. but they are also becoming interesting, beautiful, complex and wonderful young women, and that makes my heart fat & happy. :)

and so, i leave you with my favorite quote about motherhood. "every mother is like moses. she does not enter the promised land ... she prepares a world she will not see."

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