Wednesday, May 25, 2011

bank tellers & pizza delivery guys

2 things of note happened today.

the first happened while i was hard at work being a banker. a regular customer pulled up to the drive through to cash a check, and as i sent the drawer out to her and said my hello's through the microphone, she smiled at me, twirling a stem of jasmine in her fingers. she gently dropped it in and said, "you have to smell this!" so i drew the drawer in and held the fragrant white blossoms up to my nose while she endorsed her check, and for a moment we traded places. i was outside in the hot carolina air, breathing in jasmine and grass, and she was ensconced in the business of money and signatures. i traded back her jasmine for the check and the spell was broken - but it lingered in my smile and in the lightness i felt at being passed the small gift of summer's fragrance.

the second occurred driving with the girls to shelly lake for an early evening stroll. we were passed by a pizza delivery car, and meg promptly said, "i do NOT want to be a pizza delivery driver!" a quick litany ran through my mind of all the reasons why (a) that was true, and (b) i was glad she recognized that fact. all of my illusions were shattered, though, when she finished her thought with, "because you would have to drive around all day smelling that glorious pizza and it would be torture!" oh, well. i guess if it keeps her out of the pizza delivery game it's good enough for me. :)


Krissi said...

I was a pizza delivery girl just before moving to Kentucky. Actually it's a great (temporary) job. I got to know the layout of the area VERY well (it's how I discovered where exactly our wine country was), I got to work with people I wouldn't usually come across, and, actually, you get lots of free pizza while you're working, so it's not actually torture. You get tired of pizza after a while. :) The biggest problem is it's really hard on your car.

Marilyn said...

I love BOTH of those stories and you tell them so well. Sorry about missing Kyra's grad. You miss it but she knows you are there. I feel the same way - my life is sliding out of my grasp while I work. I hope God is watching... I hope someone sends me a sniff of Jasmine today.