Sunday, May 08, 2011

a real mother's day weekend

this was a weekend that truly encompassed all that it means (for me) to be a mom.

first, a looong overdue date with curtis friday night. then saturday i was up early, helping kyra empty out her room and get it ready to be painted. spend 4 hours painting - with a trip to lowes for more paint...ungh! - and in the midst of the painting washed and dried 2 giant loads of laundry (altho it is admittedly still unfolded). then i made a delicious supper of tortilla pie, fed everyone, cleaned the kitchen and got the girls settled for curtis to have a quiet night to write his sermon.

sunday dawned bright and early, dragging the girls (and myself) out of bed to get to church early for set up and worship team - my first sunday singing in ages. i hauled tables, put up giant curtains (wrong) and then did the service and went for cheap chinese for lunch with a bunch of folks. stopped at kroger on the way home with the girls (curtis drove separately) and while there for laundry soap & lunch snacks there was much attitude & stalking about the store with arms crossed from smaller people in my family than me. finally home around 2:30, and then off to lowes (again) with curtis for (hooray!) my mother's day present... a gorgeous pergola for the back deck. an hour or so assembling it, just in time to have friends over for chips & salsa and when they left (around 7) it was get the girls into bed (disasterous, but that's another story) and collapse into my own bed with curtis to catch up on our hulu queue... but one 43 min episode of 'house' is about all i can manage tonight.

tomorrow it's off to the races again (at the bank), with frozen lasagna for dinner tomorrow because i didn't have time to get anything more than stopgap groceries at kroger. someday i'll catch up on everything, and the laundry will be folded and the girls will be content and the pantry will be full of food... right?


Cynthia said...

SOOOOO glad you're blogging again! And what's all this talk about your older children making life difficult??? That does not give someone like me with a little child hope, missy! ;o)

Angela said...

You're an amazing mom! Don't worry, full-time working (outside the house) moms get a break too - eventually. :-)