Tuesday, May 03, 2011

an open letter to my husband - (or why i think God wants us to get a dog)

dear curtis,

i am so happy with our new house, our beautiful family and with you. you are the best husband any wife could ask for - truly. i love your courage to follow your calling, and i love the community we are all building together. i know that it is sometimes hard for you, and i am proud of how you persevere. i love you. (for some reason that all sounds sort of sarcastic, but it is all really, genuinely true and sincere. you are the best. i love you.)

i've been thinking lately about how we want to get to know our neighbors, and how building relationships is so important to us...and i've been wondering how that will look for us here on this little street with all it's various people. and after much soul searching, i think God wants us to get a dog. it hit me while i was having my quiet time this morning.

people with dogs pass our home dozens of times a day. they smile and talk to each other while their dogs sniff and spin and sit. they get to know one another at dog parks and vet clinics. they even get more exercise. but most importantly, the first point. they get get to know one another. it's a great way to engage the neighborhood!

so i think that we should consider getting a dog....not because *i* want one, but because perhaps God is calling us to get one. of course, let's be honest, i won't be the one getting up to let it out in the wee hours, but that's why we have children. :)


Krissi said...

Children who grow up without a dog are children who only have a partial childhood.

rachel said...

you must bear in mind though, krissi, that we have 3 other pets - down from 5 last year...

Krissi said...

Other pets are only compensation. ;) No other pet can do for a person what a dog can do. I never lived a day without one as a kid. It is probably the best part of my childhood. Well, that and I grew up in the most beautiful state in the continental US (WA). You can't beat that!