Thursday, August 17, 2006


if the mulders' have set you free, you are free indeed! at least, if you are a tadpole, you are! last night, with a well-placed pond suggestion from our friend andi the artist, we scooped all the tadpoles (there were hundreds, i'm sure!) and drove them out to the pond on our churches new land! hooray! they will live! we saw them swim up to the surface after they were (rather unceremoniously) dumped into the pond, and we saw several large frogs in and around the weeds and grasses, so i have high hopes! and best of all, they are in God's hands now. i no longer feel responsible for their survival...phew! it was killing me to see their little white bellies bobbing around the surface of our pool!

now the pool is bleached and clean, and the girls can spend the last days before school splashing and playing in the beautiful outdoors!


Sabrina said...

goodbye sweet tadpoles, and good luck out there!

Anonymous said...

Where's my book? I thought I was going to get some free press!

rachel said...