Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i'm melting!

you know me - i love the weather here is sunny NC - but i am DYING for fall! breezy 70's to sit in, stroll through, open my windows at night...i am feeling stifled in this heat! ack!

that's all. today is a slow mental day. i think i may go shopping for new jeans...always tricky. you leave the mall either feeling slim and fabulous, or fat and lumpy, depending on whether or not you fit into anything. as far as i'm concerned, buying jeans is right up there with buying swimsuits! it requires nerves of steel! :)

oh! i heard through the grapevine that my baby brother, vincent, has found a studio apartment, and is going to move out from above my parents garage! hooray, vinny! now my girls have somewhere to sleep when we go to gramma's house! (cause no matter what, it's all about us!) any recommendations on an apartment warming gift i can send?

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Sabrina said...

uh oh, have you really melted? where are you?