Sunday, August 27, 2006

rachel's recommendations

i must say, i always enjoy it when sabrina posts her annual television review for us each fall - and i know she has the knowledge (read: "she watches a lot of TV") to back it up. so i was wondering what kind of thing i could do like that..and i remembered a comment my mom made to me once. 'if i ever see something at the drugstore i want to try out, i just wait til i come to your house'. she has a point. (she also said i am the "shallowest deep person she knows". it's a paradox i can live with!) i am a self-diagnosed product whore. if it's a cosmetic even remotely within my price range, i've tried it. if it isn't within my budget, i have read about in magazines and online and stood infront of the counter with it in my hand wondering about it. i have a pantry sized closet in my bathroom full of stuff i bought and didn't like! so, i have decided to post my beauty recommendations! hooray! here we go!

1. Almay's 1-2-3 skincare line! i don't care what kind of skin you have, choose the 1-2-3 line that's appropriate, and dig in! i have tried everything from dove to vichy to proactive (off tv) to make my skin happy, but nothing has ever worked like this does! and at around $8, you can't go wrong! it is LOVELY STUFF!

2. C.O. Bigelow Purifying Mask(available at bath and body works). in the same line of trying to make my skin happy, i have gone through literally dozens of masks in search of the perfect balance...and i have finally ended my search! this is a miracle - a clay mask that leaves my skin soft, clean and hydrated, without any redness or inflammation. gold stars all around!

3. Loreal Paris 'Volume Shocking'mascara. this is as good as fake lashes for drama and glamour! not an everyday mascara, but it does what it promises! and it doesn't flake or smudge! hooray! (i DO NOT RECOMMEND the loreal h.i.p mascara - you will look like a racoon after 3 blinks - the pigment may be intense, but it sure doesn't stay where it's meant to stay!!)

that's all for today - but if you leave comments or questions about a product or anything else, i'll definately give you my opinion, and maybe even facts! :)


Angela said...

How about recommendations for hair care products? We're poor - can we aim for less than 10 bucks a bottle?

rachel said...

ooo - i LOVE the dove shampoos! they are easily some of the best on the market! if you are looking for styling stuff, the 'got2be' brand is great and cheap (and smells good)... it can be hard to find, but usually food lion or kroger has it. probably wal- mart will, but i haven't had much luck at tah-jhay...they are too snooty! (curtis likes the 'got2be' spiker)

Joshua said...

I'm curious... do you have any experience with the Lee Press-On brand of counterfeit nails?

rachel said...

sadly, yes - although not for years. in my vast 'tween' experience, they don't last worth a night's babysitting!