Wednesday, August 23, 2006

peer pressure

i have succumbed to the pressure of loving life, and replaced, rather than surrendered, in the goldfish department. welcome, "chubby-pants", so named by meg. and i have to say, it's a fat-assed fish. there is no way the picture i have posted here (from the web, not my bowl) can show you how truly obese he is) he's a pearlscale goldfish, named for the white pearlecent dots on it's scales. we are keeping our fingers crossed for chubbypants.


Sabrina said...

welcome Chubby! Live long and prosper, buddy.

Angela said...

A prayer from Chubby Pants: Dear God, please give Rachel patience with me, even though sometimes I might look like I'm dying. Also please don't let the other fish make fun of me because I'm fat assed. Amen.

rachel said...