Thursday, August 31, 2006

no orginal thought

taking a page from sabrina again, how come you all weren't watching "justice" last night!!!! it was AWESOME! a new series by jerry bruckhiemer about defense attorneys, where at the end of the show, whether they win or lose their case, you get to see the crime as it actually happened! it was soooo well done! curtis and i were both captivated! it has victor garbo (is it just me, or does he have one huge ear?), and the guy (kerr smith?) who played 'jack' on dawsons creek...who is super cute, if you ask me. anyways, wednesday at 9 (after bones, another of my fav's) you should all be watching justice!!

raise your hand if your happy to have it be raining and less that 90 degrees! hooray!


Angela said...

*hand raised* ... I've been to the creator of Bones' beach house (author Kathy Reichs). She's one my really good friends from college's aunts. We sat around one night trying to decide what the title of her next book should be.

rachel said...

shut up! i love her! i've read all of her books!!!

Sabrina said...

I'm pleased with the weather, my frizzy hair is not. Especially after walking to the bus stop and back.
Oh, and go Dawson's Creek!