Wednesday, August 16, 2006

a soapbox moment

after the sorrowful death of 2 more froglets yesterday, i called my naturalist brother, vinny, and asked him what was going on with my tadpoles! needless to say, small dead frogs is not the reason i have lovingly spoken to, fed and watched these tadpoles grow for the last 2 months! so, vinny's advice? more sticks.

do you think that is enough sticks? there were no new footed frogs this morning to test it out on...but how could they possibly miss these?

on other fronts, the leadership conference was great great great! i really took 2 things from it that (i hope!) will filter through the rest of my life. the first is that it really has to be Jesus - i cannot form new life in the women/people i lead, only Jesus can do that. our Church doesn't seem talk about Jesus much - not my little church here in NC, but the big Church. No wonder we have a hard time encouraging our people to have a real friendship with him - he's not part of our everyday conversations of faith. and how weird is that?

secondly, i live a rich life. whether or not we dip into our overdraft, our life is loaded with luxury. and i cannot just sit here and let the good times roll - there is a starving world, a dying world, and i don't have to save it, but i have to do what i can. in our small group last night, the phrase came up (ironically, in relation to sex) 'give what you can', and it's true in the global sense, too. so i am thinking about what i can do. sponsor fieldtrips for underprivileged kids in my daughters schools, continue to sponsor children overseas, keep granola bars for homeless people in my truck, wisely give my resources where i can by parterning with organizations already doing good in the world, whether it be world vision or the one campaign or the red cross. if i want to hear 'well done', i can't just live an insular life.


Anonymous said...

Also - add some heaping helpings of goldfish food to the water; even if they don't eat it, it will help promote bacterial/algaeal growth, which will serve as a food source and and attractant for potential prey items. Also, a bit of fresh water wouldn't hurt. Collect a bucketful or two from the nearest pond, lake, or stream. Naturally yours, Vinny

Anonymous said...

ps - You want me to send you the cover image from "Rufus Newt"?

rachel said...


Joshua said...

I like how you added the sticks. You know... to recreate what they're used to.

rachel said...

josh! i LAUGHED!!