Monday, August 21, 2006

monday, monday

4 sleeps til school... HOORAY! at the end of the school year i am always ready for The Girls to be home, but by the time fall rolls around i am equally ready for them to go, i mean, to school. really, though, it's not just me. they have stopped having fun and have started the daily's exhausting! i used to feel guilty about that, but as i have thought it over i think it's quite a healthy sign -they are smart and growing and ready to learn, and i am not overly attached. but we are down to 4 sleeps... did i mention that we only have 4 sleeps to go til school?!

on a different note, i am in a funk. not a deep blue funk, just a regular old funk. can't seem to get my feet under me. certainly, i could pray more, read more... but i don't feel like it. of course, to live life according to how we feel is to court disaster, but in the moment it's hard to shake. so in the fervor of back-to-school-ness, i have started (again) to be more disciplined in feeding my heart. it can only help.

again on a different note, colonel reverend doctor captain chips (the only fish we've had that has lived for any length of time...since christmas), has red spots (only 2, but still!) like chicken pox on his fan tail... poor baby. so i put rid*ick in the water, and we are hoping for the best. other fish have come and gone, but chips is our baby! that would be a tragedy! keep your fingers crossed for him.

that about does it. i'm going to have a shower. when you feel crummy about life, being clean is the first step, don't you think?

(jordan, did you see angela's comment about your book?)

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