Monday, March 05, 2007

monday morning

ooo - how fun! there you were...commenting on my blog! :)

for clarification, i assume that singing an anthem at an american college sporting event would only involve the american anthem. so while i hesitate to call it "the" anthem, in this case i guess it is. but we all know, deep in our hearts, what the True anthem is.

i am a little more than a week into lent - and while the discipline is hard, i am loving what it is doing for my heart. i have a fresh sense of God, and a brighter outlook on life. i'm not consumed with worry or anxiety, which i had been for a long time. it's been lovely, and i am hoping to carry on with my chosen practice for the rest of my life. God is bringing sping in my heart.

if any of you have a desire to pray for us, we are waiting for our visa to come through. if it doesn't, we have to leave the country by the end of the month. but God brought us here, and i know that our lives are in His hands entirely. that being said, prayer is always a good thing! :)
thank you - appreciate your prayers and love!


Name: Joey said...

Dare I agree and say that the "True" anthem is much prettier than the other one you may be singing!

I am praying for Visas!!! Yup, God brought you here and I don't think he intends for you to leave for a while!

Much love!

kristine said...

as much as my selfish heart would LOVE for you to not get your visa's and come home, i KNOW that's not God's plan. something i wish He hadn't told me. Rae, my dear Rae, have no fear or worry, you are in the palm of His had laughing in joy and safe with your family. miss you babe.

casey said...

much love to the mulders...with the visas, and catan, and beer. and triads! and peace-full lent.