Saturday, March 10, 2007


check out this quick and accurate personality test!" it was linked to an article i read on msn (stop laughing, steve!) what it had to say about my personality type is soooo true...particularily the bold sentence. that pretty much nails me. :) so, for those of you who wonder, this is what i am really like! :)

"ENFJs are sociable, intuitive, sensitive and organized. These energetic, warm and charming folks are influential, and they make catalytic and charismatic leaders. People often find that they want to do whatever ENFJs want them to do! Many ENFJs have a natural gift for public speaking and for organizing people to accomplish a goal--whether in politics, business, religion, teaching, sales or therapy. Responsible, tenacious, idealistic and opinionated, outgoing ENFJs usually work their magic by artful facilitation or tactful persuasion, but they are willing to do battle with people and institutions they see as wrong-minded or mean-spirited. ENFJs honor their commitments and expect the same of others. This type’s paradoxical pitfalls of conflict avoidance and righteous indignation may get in their way, now and then. Groups headed by competent ENFJs are marked by well-defined mission, teamwork, open communication, appreciation and support for every member--but they may be well advised to have other types look after the impersonal details."


kristine said...

i just did your silly test and i know why i love you so much my fellow ENFJ. he he he

Sabrina said...

sounds right to me.
I am an ISTJ, but I've known that for years. Wonder how Myers-Briggs feels about this guy publishing a poor mans version of their test online. :)

nick tripp said...

Apparently, I'm an ISFJ. It was pretty hard to pick for some of those, though.

casey said...

ESFP (I didn't this in college but can't remember what I got.) but do you believe this?
**Charming, clever and open-minded, the witty ESFP is likely to be seen by others as a party person--so much so that this type may be ill-at-ease in business fields which expect seriousness, formality, logic, conceptual thinking, organization and punctuality.

Name: Joey said... I've changed alot over the years...but this is pretty close except for the "well-regulated & scheduled" aspect...stable and organized yep but not regimented :0)

"Martyrdom is often an occupational hazard for self-sacrificing ISFJs, who may have to struggle with inner doubts and fears before expressing their personal needs and desires."

hmmm sounds familiar...