Monday, March 19, 2007

stranger things have happened

i find myself in a curious position lately. as you know, it's lent, and what you may not know is that for lent i adopted an hour of daily prayer. depending on how you feel about prayer, you will be either very surprised or not at all surprised to hear that i have been loving this time with God. my heart is being changed, and i for one am surprised at the depth of that change. so, onto the curiosity. i have always been a bit of an "eye roller", particularily at people who start every third sentence with, "i was praying...", or "while i was praying for you, God told me...", or people who bring God into everything. it's not that i didn't believe these things couldn't be sincere, but more that i figured they ususally weren't. and now, i have become one of those people. i sent an email today where i had to stop myself from going on and on about what i had been praying for someone, and how God had been speaking to me about their life, and i was just passing it along. i am either going to have to roll my eyes at myself, or else admit that my spiritual life was not as robust as it could have been, and many other people out there were hanging out with God more than me, and he flavored their life the way he has begun to flavor mine. it reminds me of something a.w. tozer wrote..."God waits to be wanted". so, if you are in my daily sphere, and i tell you i am praying for you, know that i really am. and that it's ok with me if you roll your eyes a little...i've been there. :)


casey said...

Pray your little heart out and keep the habit going after Lent! I cherish the thought of people praying for me and my family...and to know the Spirit is working in that. Amen, sister!

Anonymous said...

one foot in the kingdom, one foot in the world. i like that about you.