Tuesday, March 13, 2007

opposites attract

as did some of you, yesterday my husband did the personality test that i linked here. he is every letter opposite of me...istp...and as i read his summary over his shoulder, i saw how completley true it was, and then it occurred to me that if that paragraph described me, i would want to throw myself off a cliff! i couldn't imagine having to live within the constraints of his personality! i think that would be so not fun! and yet, this is the man i love so much, who i couldn't be without. how weird is that? it made me realize again just how different we are...not just he and i, but you and i and all of us. so fully realized in our deep inner person, created with such uniqueness and diversity...no two truly alike. incredible. once again, my hearts wells up with, 'God you are so amazingly creative!' and 'thank you for curtis, who balances me while i balance him'. and thank you that i am who i am - teach me to live more fully out of my inner self.'


Angela said...

OK you sold me ... JJ and I have to take it now

casey said...

hooray for personality! :) I'm excited to find our the powerhouse's spiritual gifts!