Friday, March 09, 2007

what's your flavor?

most of my friends know that i am broadly read - and recently, i've read a lot that i love! so here are a few recommendations... a little something for everyone! :)

  1. Hood by Stephen Lawhead - interestingly, i am never particularily intersted in any of the topics of his books. but i've read at least 7, (including 3 that were pure science fiction!), which should tell you how amazing they are. they are full of wonder and richness, with unparalleled story telling and people who you are sad to leave at the end of the last chapter (which always makes me glad that he often writes in trilogy format). this book is his latest, the first in a trilogy based on the legend of robin hood. it's really quite miraculous to read!
  2. The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancey - this a very accesible, honest (from the authors perspective) attempt at unmasking the 'flannel board' Jesus of sunday school in an attempt to see the real man more clearly. i can't put my finger on just one thing that has been remarkable about it - it's more like a stick of insense that slowly affects all of the air around it. i am in the process of reading it through a second time to more fully engage all of his ideas.
  3. The Glorious Pursuit by Gary Thomas - this is a book on engaging in the disciplines that Jesus lived out. and no, it's not a guilt laden, task oriented book! it talks about the classic christian virtues, which are all elements of the heart that inform our actions, not a list of do's and don'ts that we hope will eventually affect our inner life. this book is more scholarly and thoughtful in tone, but is worth diving into. it's been a long time since i read a book that so fully engaged both my heart and my mind.
  4. The Go-to Girl by Louise Bagshawe - "chick lit" at it's finest! lighthearted, funny, and low stress, and miraculously unsmutty (i'm not a fan of sex masquarading as chick lit). this was the first book of hers i read, (in a desperate attempt to find something i had not already read at the public library!) and i would definitely read more!
  5. Alex Benier mysteries by Beth Saulnier (a series of 4) - completely fun, full of mayhem without being so dark, very engaging setting and main character. enough people die to keep it interesting, and there is enough else going on that the story sucks you right in! i keep going back to see if she's published anything new lately, since i've read them all!
  6. Judas Child by Carol O'Conner - i dare you to read this and sleep soundly. i love all of her books, especially the Mallory ones, but this is a stand alone novel that will give you chills. i can't tell you more or i'll ruin the ending. but O'Conner is hands down my favorite author of fiction. compelling, tautly plotted, yet slow to unravel the story and mystery, her books are best savored slowly. i don't mind admitting, Judas Child just freaked me right out. :)

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casey said...

you are my reading hero. I don't have the time or the stamina to get through as many as I would like. I try and read a few on my breaks; next week I plan on reading Lament for a Son by Nicholas Wolterstorff and The Elements of Murder by John Emsley. We'll see! :)