Thursday, April 05, 2007

do you think it's creepy?

wow - it's been a while! it's spring break now, and my parents are here visiting, so.... i think that fairly covers why the posts will be few and far between for a week or so! :)

i am going to see this exhibition tonight - oddly enough, it is coming to our mall...wierd, huh? but i'm pretty excited! i think the human body is fascinating, and the only thing i loved about my one year of nursing school was the cadaver lab, where we got to see the incredible intricacy up close. knowing how completely interdependant all the systems of the body are gives one an incredible sense of the wonder of creation. i understand that some people think this exhibit is controversial - but i don't. i think it's a argument that there is a God who created life, whether through evolutionary process or creative power, and who is involved in the tiny details, not just the grand scheme.

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casey said...

Dan told me about this and he is soooo creeped out. I love it and want to go. to bad we couldn't go together. I hope all is well and I'll see you tonight!