Monday, April 23, 2007

top 10?

i just read an online article which rated among the top 10 "fun" jobs, Rodeo Clown. let that sink in. Rodeo Clown. that's the job where, if you see that a 1000lb beast from hell is about to crush the life out of man, you jump in front of him, raise your arms and yell, "over here! look at me! come crush the life out of me instead!" seriously. "fun"? are you high?


casey said...

that's hilarious. just because it has the word clown in the job description doesn't make it fun.

Joey said...

Ok...revealing hidden tidbits about my life here...I love bull riding (well mostly watching) & these guys, these clowns, while yes, placing themselves in danger, get to mostly sit around and run around and entertain the crowd and best of a bunch of cocky young cowboys trying to strut their stuff on a bull, make fools of themselves by falling of in the first second or two...sigh

rachel said...

say what you will, joey, it's still a guy who at the end of the day willingly dances around infront of an enraged bull. not fun. :)

happy day to you!

Anonymous said...

CLoser to 3000 pounds, tho.