Monday, April 23, 2007

stolen property

ok, i stole these questions from Casey, who stole them from someone we go!

1. Would you rather have the ability to fly, or the ability to be invisible? Definitely fly! Casey points out the practical benefits of money saved on traveling, but i rode my bike down a hill today, and the wind blowing past me was so...liberating. i would choose flying for that feeling alone.

2. What's the best piece of advice you've gotten from your parents (one or both)? i once gave a talk to teenage girls based on all the advice my mom gave me growing up, and how i looking back i had to admit that she was right. but the one thing that sticks out was the first hour i was home alone with my new baby, terrified. i called home, and mom said, "even if you feed her when she's crying about her diaper, and change her when she's crying for food, YOU WON'T KILL HER." it was the most liberating thing to hear. excellent advice.

3. What's your favorite condiment? i am a new convert to guacamole... i was always scared of the color. who wants to eat green mush? well, turns out it's delish!! i like it on wraps, chips, tacos, all manner of things. a close second is corn relish. that stuff is fantastic on a hot dog, burger or bologna sandwich!

4. Do you subscribe to a newspaper? Why or why not? nope. i get enough news online to keep me current, and i have a hard time not succumbing to the darkness in the world, especially when i think that my girls are going to inherit it. headlines are usually enough for me.

5. If you had to listen to one song, playing in your head, on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be? this is next to impossible -i need music to survive, and i have different music for every mood. there is so much music that moves me. for the sheer pleasure of listening, it would have to be the 'his eye is on the sparrow' duet on the sister act 2 soundtrack. tanya blount and lauryn hill. there are just no words.


Anonymous said...

1) Flight. Invisibility would be more useful, but also somewhat villainous (spying, etc). But the thrill of flight?? This one isn't even close. Flight.
2) Standing in the airport before I left for Europe, Steve told me, "don't sleep with any prosititutes." A year later I was in a brothel in Paris, and his advice was vitally important.
3) Mayonaisse. Or ketchup. Or sour cream. Or ranch dressing. I don't know... ketchup.
4) No, I don't subscribe to the newspaper, because I can read it free online w/o a subscription.
5) How about "One Love" by Bob Marley? Honourable mention to "It's All Right" (Elvis), "Send Her Back" (Mike Ness), and anything Johnny Cash.

casey said...

yeah for interview questions :) love them!

Joey said...

1. Flight...who wouldn't want to fly?!?!
2. Don't go to be angry
3. Remoulade? Green tabasco? Buffalo sauce? Probably ranch dressing or ketchup...that's tough...
4. Online paper to recycle & no newsprint on the fingers!
5. I echo your sentiment on this one Rae, next to impossible because it's a mood thing...some top songs...How Soon is Now, Beethoven's Fifth Concerto (not symphony), All I Want is You, Small Enough, Moon River, In Christ Alone...ugh this is too hard!!

Joey said...

2. should be don't go to bed angry and always check your spelling!!

cr99ist03in said...

1. Flight
2. Their actions spoke louder than words.
3. Spicy Mustard
4. No point. Online news is free.
5. Today I feel I might actually be able to narrow this down... "Moonage Daydream" by David Bowie or "Kiss You Off" by the Scissor Sisters or "Baba O'Riley" by the Who or "Walking in LA" by Missing Persons. I'm going to stop now.