Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the morning

it is the nature of all life that it "unfolds" doesn't "appear". even things that appear to be sudden have hidden beginnings, if you know where to look for them. it's hard to live as a person of the 21st century - a world of instant gratification and 'just add water' solutions - in a world where the created order of things is that we must wait. wait for the flowers in spring, wait for the baby's birth, wait for the relationship to take shape, wait for the body to heal. it goes against what have come to expect. so we push, and we rush...we prod along and we jump the gun. but what if the waiting has a purpose? what if there is a richer meaning, something good that is formed deep within us as we learn to wait? i have to admit to you, i am not good at waiting. my imagination runs amok with worst case senarios & reasons why life should "hurry up". but does it do more damage to my soul to race through the process? what would happen if i let life unfold before me, and walked with unhurried faith along the path? would i have more ease in my spirit? would i be more gentle with the people around me? would i give grace more freely to myself and to others? how do you learn to walk patiently through the unfolding? how do you learn to wait?


kristine said...

i don't think you ever really get it, but you keep on trying with every trial. and cling to the promise of the blesssing at the end.

casey said...

Honestly, I write it down. I've got to get it out...writing it down seems to be the most concrete way for me not to mull over it.