Saturday, April 28, 2007

a long, long list

phew! we are one week out from our retreat - we've been planning since september! today is one of the best day! stuff for the gift bags, food for snacks, tape and tissue and polaroid film... the list goes on and on. but after months of everything just on paper, it's fun to watch it take physical shape! all we need now is for sunshine at the beach next weekend - yes, the beach, don't you wish you were coming! - and we will be set. i have been mightily distracted lately, and haven't given the retreat much thought, but today i am feeling the anticipation! it's going to be so fantastic!

gotta run - happy saturday!


casey said...

I'm excited as well! Good luck on all the shopping...I can't wait until next Friday! woo!

kristine said...

wish i was gonna be there. soooo much do i wanna be there. but have fun shopping babe!

Joey said...

I'm so looking forward to the retreat this year!!! Yay! just days away :0)