Friday, April 20, 2007

joy joy joy!

(anonymous mark, really? or are you just screwing with my head?)

happy friday! sunny and 71 degrees for the high...happy, indeed!! guys, you have no idea. i am one of, if not the, happiest girl on earth today. i am a little worried, though, that my emotions, which have been running sky high since monday, are going to crash out of adrenal necessity! my poor family, when that happens! good thing it's the weekend...there will hopefully be plenty of down time. although i just got asked to sing the martina mcbride song 'anyway' as a tribute to the VA shootings this weekend...that will require my emotions to be in check. it's a beautiful song, though. i hope i can do the whole thing justice.

i know there is no hope that you will have as good a day as me, but i hope your day is as close as it can be! :)


kristine said...

considering we're couvered in snow again i hope i can have as great a day as 71. and good luck with the song, not that you'll need it. you're voice is amazing.

Anonymous said...

What a fine damn day it is... although I do not care for being "consolidated"! [he laughs]
Hollah at your li'l bro.

casey said...

Hey girl...its nice to hear you are happy and enjoying the sun. I hope your weekend is great and I'll see you on Sunday!