Saturday, April 07, 2007


there is a lot of 'stuff' on msn/newsweek this week about Jesus, and whether he was real, why the resurrection couldn't have happened, and debating whether or not there is a God at all. i am not a theologian, and don't want to enter into the argument. but this i do know - "a man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an arguement". i know that God is real. i have experienced him actively in my life. i know that Jesus is alive. i am different because he loves me. if there is one thing i have learned this lent in my time of prayer, it's that God hears. God moves. he is present in even the little things. sometimes, especially in the little things.

on a related note, if you live around here, go see 'the bodies' at southpoint mall. it is fascinating and educational and awe-inspiring. to see the inner workings of my hand, and the tendons i need to allow me to type this right now - astonishing! our bodies are incredible, and seeing it that way just shows again how ridiculous it is for us to judge and seperate ourselves from eachother based on all the external differences. seeing our bodies like that gives new authority to the truth that we are all the same on the inside. the exhibit was worth every penny.


casey said...

yesterday, there were 3 channels (of the 4 we get in clear on our tv) that had programs about Jesus. cool and kind of weird all at the same time.

Dan REFUSES to go to the bodies. He thinks its just plain sick. I'll have to go by myself then. and I'm fine with that!

cr99ist03in said...

Jesus is real! I feel and see him in my life on the daily:)