Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the dance of joy

only 3 sleeps left, people, T-H-R-E-E, til the big weekend! i get to see my brother and his wife! there are no words to describe how i feel about this. i am boggled...kafuffled, if you will. and hopeful! because so far, in our e-conversations, he has pointed out that flies can wear glasses, hamsters can take viagra, and engineers launch thanksgiving turkeys at airplanes and get paid for it (no link there, we are going to have to take his word for it). these all point to a human being i can get along with! hooray!

And, payless has named a shoe after me! "The Rae Thong" - although, 'thong' is an unfortunate qualifier there. why not, 'flip flop'? and tho they have daisies on them, they don't tie up around the ankle, and i know we've discussed my penchant for that previously on this blog. but still! i don't think i've ever had a shoe named after me. i may have to get a pair...even though $8 seems a little steep for flip flops, i think "i" may be worth it!


casey said...

I love your ramblings of things you encounter throughout your day. I'm glad I was a part of that this afternoon! Thanks!

Jamie said...

So, I checked out the page on the hamsters taking viagra, and was surpirsed to see the following section title within the otherwise scholarly article:

"Prematurely turned on"

Hahahahaha....well *yeah*, isn't that what Viagra does??

But it was followed by this:

"Some of the animals were injected with about 70 micrograms of Viagra. Then, a few hours later, the cage lights were switched on prematurely, to simulate a 6-hour time zone shift - equivalent to flying from New York to Paris. The early switching on of the lights continued for the next few weeks."

Ohhhhh...the *lights* were turned on. Got it. I knew that was what that meant.