Monday, May 14, 2007

gettin' naked with grandma!

honestly, people. what is the world coming to?

this morning while cruising the "news" online, i discovered a couple of things. #1 - people are stupid. #2 - nudists are old.

the first story tells of teachers, "responsible adults", who decided that as a learning excersize, they would fake a gunman attack on a group of 11 & 12 year old 6th graders during a class trip. they repeatedly told the children it wasn't a drill, and one teacher even dressed up as a gunman and pulled on the locked door. perhaps they were all high when this plan was concieved? because, apparently, this was a "thought through" plan! needless to say, the parents are not thrilled, since their kids were terrorized and honestly thought they were going to die. it's tragic when even the teachers are stupid.

secondly, nudists are old! and they are pulling all the strings to get you, young(er) person, to adopt their lifestyle! several points of interest, and i will leave you to your own musings. #1 - did you know there is a yearly fee to be part of an acutal nudist group or resort? #2 - if i were going to be a nudist, walking in on a bunch of naked people my moms age would definitely be a deterant (no offense, mom). #3 - they are also apparently trying to get "young families" involved. this is where i have to draw the line. i am not taking my beautiful, innocent and carefree daughters to a nudist resort for the summer. who knows what creep is out there, paying his yearly fee, just to watch naked children. he-ell no!

also, in local news, chubby pants went to the big fish bowl in the sky last night. you were a good fish, chubby pants. you will be missed.


Steve said...

You've really caught the newscaster bug, huh Connie?

Joey said...

I can't even come up with a reasonable comment to leave...picture me bug eyed, mouth agape, speechless in shock at the mere stupidity and callousness of the so-called "teachers" who thought this "exercise" would be helpful in any way..."poor judgement" is a tad understated!!

On a lighter note...I don't wanna see myself naked so why on earth would I pay to see a bunch of old saggy people!! Ack!

casey said...

your fish died? boo.

Angela said...

Now I will say this ... we have "lock down" drills at my school so the kids can practice being obedient, quiet, so the teachers can practice doing things like accounting for everyone and calling it in. I think these are very useful ... but yeah that's just dumb.