Tuesday, May 01, 2007

PSA #2

i finally realized what i don't like about spring.


we go on and on about buds opening, birds chirping, but we don't talk about the death we see all around us. that's just denial, folks. it's not healthy. i have seen, already, probably 6 dead turtles on various roads. this is unacceptable! (you all know i have a soft spot for the little guys) turtles are not squirels, too stupid to get out of the way, dodging left and right helter skelter. they fall over a curb, and are left with few options but to keep going until they reach a low spot! they are innocent victims of our road rage! how hard is it to avoid hitting a turtle?? NOT HARD! i have many experiences of pulling over to put one in my car and drop it off at the first safe spot. they are NOT SCARY - unless it's a snapping turtle, recognizable by the dinosaur like spikes on it's tail. just pick them up like they are a cheeseburger, and you will be fine! and they are NOT DISEASED! the only turtles with salmonella are baby aquatic turtles that are poorly cared for pets.

so please, if you see something that looks like a rock in the road, slow down and check. if it's a turtle, STOP THE MADNESS! be part of the solution - save a life!

and does anybody else think this is wierd?


kristine said...

i promise next turtle on the road i see i'll stop. he he he.plus i sent something down with your mom so make sure to take it when you see her next.

Sabrina said...

I completely agree - save the turtles.

Joey said...

That is the scariest looking bunny I have ever seen!!

I have a mini female version of a Steve Irwin for a daughter so we always save the turtles :0)

casey said...

I heart turtles. and large rabbits. and old men in hats. save them all!

Joshua said...

Did you mean for this to be a "tortoise and the hare" post... or was that coincidence?