Thursday, May 10, 2007

the happy dance!

(this is a cuter picture of me and my dead puffer fish.... no other reason to add it to the

my parents recently went to england and brought me back a jar of "Harrods Raspberry Extra Jam". (i am sort of raspberry jam connoisseur) it was definitely the best i've ever had - so good that every time i ate it i was sad, because i knew there was less left, but i couldn't stop eating it. but i figured, hey, in the global world of the internet, surely i can find more and order it online. but no! i have been foiled! harrods doesn't list it as even existing in their store, although they do have strawberry extra jam. (why the "extra"? i have no idea.) boo on strawberry jam! i looked on ebay (who buys jam on ebay?) and still no luck. tragic.

but... OH HAPPY DAY! only 16 sleeps left til i get to meet Mark & Tina - i am so flippin' excited!! that is only 2 weeks - and that's not very long at all! in between i am having a baby shower and mothers day and company for a week, so i think the time will fly by...too bad you can't see me - i'm doing the happy dance in my comfy chair right now... la la la!


Jessica said...

That's so exciting! I hope he is as cool as I'm sure you've made him out to be!

Joey said...


Angela said...

See and here I was thinking Mr. Puffer Fish was the size of Megan's head ... but apparently not so much

Mark said...

Response to Jessica - He TOTALLY is.