Friday, May 11, 2007


funny thing -

i was just at kroger, picking up a few things, when the cashier looked at me and said, "you are wearing your hair differently these days...are you growing it out?"

i don't hang out at kroger a lot. in fact, i am mostly a target shopper. but apparently, i make an impact! he he!

it made me smile - and i wondered why it mattered to me. then i realized, i want to be known. sure, she didn't know me, but she sort of did. i was recognized. we want our lives to matter, we want to leave footprints, you know?

i had an e-conversation this morning about the small and perfect things in nature that most people don't take the time to see. and as i sit here, it occurs to me that with our peeps, it's in the knowing of the small things that we are most fully known. taking the time to see the tiny things about one another - like what my husband takes in his coffee and that he likes walnuts in his brownies - learning the tiny pieces, and with more difficulty, being brave enough to reveal your own tiny pieces, this is what Knowing is.

i got a kick out of being a little bit known today. and yes, i am growing out my hair. i sort of hate it.


casey said...

1. don't hate your hair
2. I love when people are honest and say things that they notice (esp when it's nice)
3. have a great day!

cr99ist03in said...

In high school I cut my hair about an inch long all over my head. I like it for about 15 minutes and then decided I needed to grow it back out. You're hair now is the length at which mine gave me the most trouble. But hang in there. And don't be afraid to use pommade. I'm serious. it helps.

Joshua said...

Walnut brownies ROCK!

kristine said...

not much longer with the hair my daring! not much longer and your hair will ROCK!