Wednesday, May 16, 2007


good morning!

brief visa update - the church received the wrong papers from the IRS (stupid IRS!), so now we are waiting. again. and this waiting is casting a pall over my whole life. i am not a patient woman, and this is so stressful. i feel out of control (which i am, in this situation)...feeling like i can't choose my own life. *sigh* but in the words of jordan, i am trying to 'hold fast'. although yesterday was more of a 'sobbing wreck'. but today is better - solviture ambulando. (the latin equivalent of "just keep swimming" ala Finding Nemo)

brief mark update - 10 sleeps! yay!

brief cat update - a whole day, no barf! yay!

brief friend update - you guys are my heros. i love you, and you know who you are. i would be lost without my peeps! so here's a shout out to you! "HOLLAAH!" (he he he)


Sabrina said...

The IRS website says you should contact your Local Taxpayer Advocate. Yours is located in Greensboro, 336-378-2180. Call them to find out about expediting those forms.

Jessica said...

Did you just quote Finding Nemo? HAHA!

casey said...

*Girl, I am seeeeeriously praying for you. I'm sorry I can't be here physically here this weekend, but I am here in spirit.
*You've been giving nice hugs lately. :)