Thursday, April 24, 2008

another "fruit bowl"

my upstairs hallway. between the girls rooms.

  • a purple badminton racket
  • a pair of tights
  • plastic glasses with no lenses
  • clogs
  • meg's hospital bracelet "souvineir"
  • 'cat fancy' magazine (my mom subscribed them to it)
  • 3 hard cover books (kyra's)
  • 5 beads
  • a half deflated balloon.

a better mother than i would tidy those things up. but i can't be bothered.... on the WAY PLUS side, kyra did all the laundry yesterday. three loads! she asked if she could learn how, and who am i to say no to inquiring minds of the next generation?!?!!


Marilyn said...

good thing there are lots of ways to be a great mom... one is to not be anal. I think you have that one covered.

Sabrina said...

if she needs more practice, she's welcome to come over to my house. :) I've got plenty.