Wednesday, April 16, 2008


i have no occasions upcoming, nothing worth celebrating. yet i am unintentionally compiling in the back of my mind a list of things i want. *sigh*

  • envirosax - a tidy little bag of 5 lightweight, portable, and waterproof shopping bags. Each one holds the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags thanks to reinforced seams.
  • the new john mayer cd - which is not out yet, but the new single 'say' reinforces that i heart his music, and can't wait for the cd.
  • the rumored to be in production new whitney houston cd. now that bobby brown is gone, i believe she can make music again....
  • a really good ipod speaker dock
  • alicia keys tickets. only $106 for the cheap seats. *sigh*
  • kirk franklin tickets - but he's not coming anywhere near here. *sigh*
  • a cook. someone who will come and make supper for me. and then do the dishes.

with the possible exception of the envirosax. not one of those things is a "need". i am quick enough to shake my fist at the culture of excess, and look at me. *sigh* greedy greedy greedy.


Kim said...

Perhaps if you weighed what you give everyday against what you wish for, you wouldn't feel greedy...

Mark said...

How can the May 1st woot not be on the list? Woot Woot!