Monday, April 14, 2008

thought for the day

well, the girl who "had a fraction of her head removed" - as kyra has begun calling the adenoid surgery - is back to school today, happy as a clam. no complications over the weekend (hooray!) and we are in the home stretch of antibiotics, et al. yay!

i am going to florida this week! hooray! i am super excited! i am all about the warm, as you know... and i'm going with a great friend, so it should be glorious. *aaaahhhhhh*

i'm rereading a little book called 'abandonment to divine providence' which is basically a collection of letters/writings from a 16th century french priest, that focus on - strangely enough - being abandoned to whatever God has for you...and how that attitude of abandon is all we need to become truly holy. i am having recent trouble abandoning myself, so i picked it up again. it's full of wisdom & ideas that are worth thinking about, and here is one for you's my longtime favorite in the whole book:

"my dear souls, you are seeking for secret ways of belonging to God, but there is only one: making use of whatever he offers you. ... there is no need for you to understand the lessons (His will) has taught others, nor to repeat them cleverly. you will be taught matters which are for you alone." - jean pierre de caussade

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Marilyn said...

The girl who had a fraction of her head removed - now that is descriptive.
Rae - you gotta keep abandoning yourself and remembering who you are ... which is quite fabulous ... in spite of the various fractions of your head you've had removed. laughing