Friday, April 25, 2008


(my little brother says that once any kind of urban slang - ie: peeps - hits my vocabulary, it looses all it's 'street cred'. i'm sure he's right - but i'm gonna hollaaaahhh anyway!)

today, i want to give a shout out to two women in my life - women who, when i'm around them, just make me joyful. merely being in their presence is delightful.

the first is my friend, tenea, who happened to cut my hair yesterday. it was the most purely joyful haircut i've ever gotten. :) the very heart of her bubbles up with laughter & yet also, in sort of mysterious ways, peace. she has a beautiful spirit (and if you need a hair cut, i highly recommend it!) she is full of life and faith, and every time i talk to her i wish i could stay and talk to her more. she is simply delightful to be around!

the second is my friend deirdre. she has the most open heart - you can read it on her face. in spite of the journey she's had to walk, she is always looking for the positive - not in a naive way, but in a genuine way. she gives me crap when i start a pity party, reeling off the beautiful things in my life, but does it without making feel lectured or like she's shaking her finger at me. it just comes naturally to her. i am secretly coming to count on her joy to bouy me up!

i feel like once, long, long ago, i was someone who made other people happy just to be around. i seem to have lost that somewhere along my way. these spectacular women make me want to find it again. thanks, girls.


Vincent said...

Hollah at a playah when you see him in da street. Make the homies say, "ho!" and da girlies wanna scream.

Sabrina said...

You make me happy.

DeeLiteful Deeva said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Rachel why you gotta go and make me cry!? You make it soooo easy!