Saturday, April 12, 2008

meg update...

(this from an email i sent out yesterday)

Well – here I sit, with a sleepy and sore (and drugged) meg laying on the couch across from me. she did very well, and the doctors and nurses all commented on her maturity and beauty. (truly!) the most astonishing thing about this moment, (aside from the fact that meg is actually awake and not speaking), is that she is breathing out of her nose – already! The doctor said that her adenoids were even larger than she anticipated (and unusually large for a girl her age, which is when they should start to recede in size), and so the surgery covered more surface than expected, and it could take up to 10 days for the swelling to resolve itself and for us to see an improvement. But here the two of us are, and she is breathing with her mouth closed while she sucks on a chocolate! This is exactly what we were hoping for, and why we chose to go ahead with the surgery. With her mouth closed, I suddenly see how beautiful Megan’s lips are… it’s been such a long time since I saw them closed! I am seriously verklempt over here! :) We have 72 hours of recovery & rest, but if all goes well, she’ll be back to school Monday.

Also, while they were dealing with the breathing tube & tongue depressors, one of her troublesome loose teeth was “accidentally” (as far as meg knows) pulled, and so now the tooth fairy gets to come, too! I was about to make her a dentist appt. to have that tooth pulled, so this is a bonus!

Thanks for all your thoughts & prayers!

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Kim said...

Thanks for the update. We're thrilled for her, really, and we'll keep her under prayer as she recovers.