Tuesday, April 22, 2008

more from jean pierre

"because they do not know how to make use of God's action, many people (fill their lives with other ways) to try and reach holiness. all these could be useful if they were ordained by God, but they are harmful when they hinder the simple, straightforward union of the soul with God. Jesus is our master to whom we do not pay enough attention. he speaks to every heart and utters the word of life, the essential word for each of us, but we do not hear it. we would like to know what he has said to other people, yet we do not listen to what we says to us." (emphasis mine)

this resonates with me. i run around, trying to squeeze myself into what God has revealed to the people around me like trying to fit into someone else's dress, the whole time never thinking that if i just slowed down and let myself hang out with him for a while, my heart would hear it's own "word of life" - one that would be infinitely more fulfilling and meaningful. also, too, that all the books i read and things i do can be totally useless to my relationship with Jesus if they take the place of just being with him. eep...

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Sarah said...

I feel like the difficulty lies in sense of control. If I am reading or trying to squeeze myself into something, I am taking charge of accomplishing something (even if something less fruitful). Hanging out and listening requires more waiting, trusting, surrender. Tis harder for me.