Wednesday, April 23, 2008

full recovery

i am beyond delighted to report that my "15 - 20 kleenex every morning" meg seems to have reached a full recovery! she can breath! hooray! her adenoid surgery has been wildly successful - allowing her to drink through straws, chew with her mouth closed, sleep without snoring, and above all, get through a day without my hearing voice, "megan, blow your nose", 50 times! hooray! i am so thankful.

also thankful for:
  • my mom
  • my friends
  • curtis & the girls
  • my marriage - going strong after nearly 14 years
  • cloudy, grey, warm & rainy days
  • envirosax (!)
  • bird feeders
  • holidae
  • God - who is amazingly faithful to me in the midst of my unfaithfulness
  • a strong & healthy body
  • frogs, snakes & lizards
  • naps
  • tea
  • good books & public libraries
  • the work-out dvd
  • spring
  • peaceful mornings
  • massages
  • dishwashers
  • email

i could go on, but for your sake, i'll stop....


Marilyn said...

I made the top of your list! That is the best birthday present, besides shit of course.

rachel said...

i heard about your glorious pile of shit - congratulations!