Thursday, January 01, 2009


i just spent an hour cruising through my past year in blog posts. i had forgotten much of what was there - the silly things my girls said and did, the interesting and profound quotes, things i loved in the heat of the moment. i was left realizing that for all the difficult times, stressful days and worries of the past year, the overwhelming reality is that it was a great year. a beautiful year, even. full of people i love, funny things, new experiences and the simple pleasures of a life lived without pretense or pretending.

thank you God, for my life. all of it... the good and the bad. thank you for every gift, every person, every moment of beauty in the past year. open my eyes to see the beauty before me every day i have ahead of me this year. remind me to keep on loving out loud. amen.

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Curtis Mulder said...

I helped make those girls :-)