Thursday, January 22, 2009

the icing on the cake

i woke up with the joy of knowing it wasn't going to be a snow day today - that i would get the girls off to school and finally have a truly productive day: laundry, gym, groceries (waaaay overdue!) and coffee with a friend.


at breakfast, meg complained her stomach hurt... and to be honest, mostly just to stop her complaining i took her temperature, hoping to prove to her that she was fine. but no! she has a bona fide fever! ack! so now she is glassy eyed on the couch, and my day is taking on a whole new direction.

it's not that i'm not sorry she feels bad, it's just... it's just... i hoped for

we were going to try to get groceries together, but she just threw up all over my truck. poor kid...


Sarah said...

:( that's so tragic. hope she is feeling better soon!

Annie said...

Poor Meg & poor you hope you both get your healing and freedom :o)