Monday, January 05, 2009

wisdom from 'the tale of despereaux'

i am reading the book 'the tale of despereaux'. for those of you who've never read it, i highly recommend it... although it's written for young adults, it's got me hooked! there is a narrator now and then who addresses the reader directly, and it's very disarming. here is the bit i had wanted to post earlier today. (just in case you didn't know, despereaux is a mouse)

"Reader, you must know that an interesting fate ... awaits almost everyone, mouse or man, who does not conform."

i'm not entirely sure why, but that sentence sends a little thrill through my soul...


Star said...

I love this book!
I highly recommend it as well.
I'm a bit scared to go see the movie, though. I'm sure it won't be nearly as good as the book in any way.

That is a very good quote.

Sarah said...

I approve. Except the "almost" part...what's up with that?

Krissi said...

That is fantastic. Speaking of not conforming. I got my eyebrow pierced today! Heather Doss came with me. She was a great support;) And then she helped me put together my rocking chair from the Cracker Barrel. And I had lunch with your mother. It was an awesome day. Here's to not conforming to the status quo.

Marilyn said...

I laugh that you 'don't know why' - Rachel - you don't TRY to not conform, it simply isn't within your capacity. So this is great hope - and truth - and makes me smile. Proud of you.