Monday, January 05, 2009

in the immortal words of monty python...

... "now for something completely different."

monday morning, and back to real life. early mornings, school lunches and homework on the "con" side of the list, but .... kids at school on the "pro" side! :) i love 'em, you know i do, but they start going crazy at home, which makes me crazy... looking forward to breaking the cycle!

thank you to my readers who noticed my new "polling" feature! how fun is that!? for those of you going, "whaaa?", veer your eyes a wee bit to the right, and you'll see my poll - a feature inspired by the blog of josh hall. so vote! and if you have any ideas of good or fun questions i could ask, anything your inquiring mind wants to know, let me know... we can poll together!

there was a fantastic little segment of the book 'Desperauex' that i was going to include here as my "thought for the day", but it would seem that my daughter spirited the book to school with her. you will just have to wait. :)

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